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Bringing the Food


Positions available for servers, hosts/hostesses, and bartenders.

  • Respectfully greet our guests, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Take orders and handle transactions with efficiency and accuracy.

  • Lead with excellent communication skills, ensuring a positive and seamless dining experience.

  • Answer customer inquiries and provide recommendations with enthusiasm and knowledge.

  • Must have attention to detail, ensuring accuracy for proper cash handling.

Wait staff must have 1-3 years experience working in full-service restaurant to apply.

Bartenders must be 21+ years or older and meet all the licensing and permit requirements of Georgia.  Must have 1-3 years experience minimum to apply.

Our Work Environment

At Butter + Scotch, we believe in cultivating an exceptional work environment that not only prioritizes dedicated service but also fosters continuous growth and development for our team members. Our commitment goes beyond providing a dining experience; it extends to creating a workplace where individuals can thrive, learn, and showcase their talents. Join us at Butter + Scotch, where dedication to service meets a commitment to growth, development, and the celebration of talent. Be a part of a team that values your unique skills and encourages you to shine

general information:

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Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume and a cover letter outlining their managerial experience and contributions to the hospitality industry.

Please send to,

Send us your resume w/cover letter

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