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We Are Butter+Scotch

Restaurant and Bar

This Queen's Inspired Restaurant is a creation from the culinary mind of Chef Malik Rhasaan, and Detric Fox-Quinlan and is set to become a community gem in the South Downtown neighborhood. Boasting 125 seats (18 at the bar) and an upstairs mezzanine overlooking Mitchell Street, our restaurant is designed to offer a unique and vibrant dining experience.

Malik Rhasaan's culinary journey is a heartfelt homage to his upbringing in Queens, NY. Inspired by the rich tapestry of Afro-Caribbean roots and the diverse cultures of the community, his Atlanta-based restaurant beautifully blends the flavors of the South and the North. From the warmth of Southern butter to the zest of Scotch bonnet, each dish tells a story of his family's immigrant heritage and the vibrant spirit of Queens, making it a culinary celebration that bridges the gap between North and South.

As we embark on this next chapter from the Che & Bae Family, we are seeking the finest in the hospitality industry.  Sound like you?  Click the link below!

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